Alliance webinar: Social movements philanthropy

About this webinar

Social movements are now playing a central role in civil society, yet they have rarely featured in funders' strategies and theories of change. Less than one per cent of funding is directed by philanthropy to social movements. 

Is this set to change?

Questions include...

* Who are the leading funders of social movements?

* Why is there such an uneasy relationship between philanthropy and social movements?

* How can they work more closely and effectively together? What do successful examples look like?

​​​​​​​* Will the COVID-19 pandemic accelerate a new generation of social movements?

  • Halima Mahomed

    Independent philanthropy researcher and consultant

  • Romy Kraemer

    Managing director, Guerrilla Foundation

  • Graciela Hopstein

    Executive coordinator, Brazilian Philanthropy Network for Social Justice

  • Charles Keidan

    Alliance editor and chair of the discussion

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