Happy Body Happy Mind
with wellbeingpreneur, Troy Morgan
powered by Springday

Been sitting too much? Would you like to move more, stress less and sleep better?
Tune into the upcoming HAPPY BODY HAPPY MIND masterclass for research based and bite-sized hacks to help you get more of these things in your life!
It isn’t about big effort things like joining the 5am club or achieving 10K steps a day, it is​ about repeating small habit changes, which over time start to change your brain, which then start to change your life.​
In true Springday style, expect a masterclass that is evidence based, fun and interactive – your questions are encouraged!
Grab a cup of tea and join us: 10.30am to 11.30am, Wednesday, 23rd September.

Hosted by happiness curator Luke Cook, this is not your average webinar. It’s your invitation to be inspired, educated and entertained, whilst creating a happier body and happier mind at work and at home.
Powered by Springday, this masterclass is designed to support YOU, our community through this time of change. Share it with anyone and everyone!

​​​​​​​At the HAPPY BODY HAPPY MIND masterclass you’ll pick up:​

  • Top tips for creating more energy in your life.

  • A better understanding of your personal habits that may be getting in the way of your ability to thrive.

  • Small daily habit changes that create large ripple effects across your whole wellbeing.

  • Troy Morgan

    Webinar Host

  • Luke Cook

    Webinar Host

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