Blended Learning 101

  • Our most popular a webinar!
    You asked, we listened! Our Blended Learning 101 video training series is now a one-time webinar. We have condensed one week of videos into a 45 minute presentation for you.

  • Why do I need this?
    Listen, 2020 has been no joke in the classroom. Blended learning is the only lesson plan technique that can be integrated quickly with any learning scenario: in-class, hybrid, or distance. You deserve to be prepared for any curve balls that come at you.

  • But is this something long term?
    You bet! Once you move to a blended classroom model (which is a combination of flipped and student-led learning), not only will your students outperform any others you have taught before, but YOU will enjoy your classroom experience SO MUCH MORE.

  • How do you know how to do this?
    I began teaching in 2007 and had to spend a good FIVE YEARS trying to master all of this in the classroom (I continually heard that it was awesome for student engagement and success, but nothing actually explained how to do it...sound familiar?). I founded Student-Centered World LLC in 2018 to pass on all of the information I had learned to as many teachers as I could. When the pandemic closed down our US schools in March 2020, I went in full force, helping over 5,000 teachers with the transition and was recently featured in Business Insider as one of six top educational startups helping educators through all of this.

  • Jennifer Breisacher

    Webinar Host

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