An opportunity for sustainable growth

About the Webinar

Great leaders observe their thoughts and emotions carefully, and don't let fear guide their decisions and actions. They seek opportunity in what others perceive as adversity.

It is your choice to do everything you can within your control, and to only observe what you cannot control, without judgement.

Are you or your organization overwelmed by the current events? Do you barely stay afloat, or do you surf the waves, or even better, do you create the waves?
It is your choice.

Today is an opportunity to pause for a moment, to check in, and to become aware of what the impact is of your organization on the lives of your coworkers, customers, partners and environment. Does your organization provide meaning, or just jobs?

For this webinar, we've gathered absolute experts in the fields of sustainable growth. In the light of the exceptional situation we're in, they will each share what you can do now, and tomorrow, to inspire and guide your company towards a healthy future with thriving co-workers.

The speakers:

Bruno Rooselaer
Founder and CEO of Invision Consulting, the management consulting firm that helps organizations in identifying the true causes of low performance and guides them towards sustainable growth through holistic transformations. Bruno draws upon 20 years of consulting and startup experience, and identified what lacks in traditional growth strategies.
Björn Prins
Being a celebrated psychologist & psychotherapist, coach, author and founder of ITAM, for the past 20 years Björn and his team of trainers help organizations apply mindfulness to increase happiness, connectedness and sustainable productivity. He also co-created the Futureproof leadership journeys to increase leaders’ awareness and emotional agility. In addition he’s a clinical psychology researcher at the University of Ghent, and he is chairman of the Human Centered Organization post-gratudate at the Arteveldehogeschool in Ghent.
Nancy DeVogelaere and Elke Wambacq
Both co-founders at Dinobusters, Nancy and Elke help people and companies thrive by focusing on personal development, organizational culture and change. Next to being both co-authors of the book Aan het stuur van je eigen leven Nancy is a lecturer Office Management at Thomas More, Elke is a lecturer in Strategic HR and Entrepreneurship at Hogeschool Ghent.
Peter Rosseel
Managing Director of Management Consulting and Research since 2000, Leadership & Transformation coach at University Hospital Brussels, IDC Advisory Board member and keynote speaker, visiting professor at the University of Leuven, Peter is frequently consulted by leading S&P500 companies, and focuses and lectures on digital transformation, strategy development & implementation, leadership & team development, change management and performance management.
Gerrie Smits
Digital strategist and visionary, much sought-after keynote speaker and Blockchain advocate, Gerrie is extremely successful in guiding companies to make the most of digital new technologies. The questions Why, and where to now drive him.
Dirk Verbruggen
Regional Director of the CFO Centre, and former CFO of Wolters Kluwer and Duracell, Dirk offers fast-growing companies 30 years of top-notch financial expertise as part-time CFO, without the cost of a full-time CFO. Dirk also serves as Chief Sustainability Officer for selected companies and recently founded The Sustainability Centre Europe.
Frans Van Noort
Co-founder and managing director of the brand agencies Beeldenfabriek and OMDBranding, Frans and his teams are experts in transforming the WHY of organizations into highly successful and meaningful brands that inspire and speak to the heart.

This is a webinar for you if:
You are a business leader, executive manager, middle-manager, teamleader, entrepreneur, interim manager or anyone who wants to:
- become a better leader
- learn more about what sustainable growth entails
- explore if you have developed blind spots over the years
- increase profitability AND employee engagement
- get more insights in what you can do to get your organization on a path of sustainable growth.

We look forward to see you in the webinar.

Approximate duration: 1h 15 minutes + 15 minutes for a Q&A

  • Bruno Rooselaer

    Founder & Managing Director Invision Consulting

  • Björn Prins

    Psychologist, coach, author, researcher, founder ITAM

  • Nancy DeVogelaere

    Co-founder Dinobusters, author, lecturer

  • Elke Wambacq

    Co-founder Dinobusters, author, lecturer

  • Peter Rosseel

    Founder & Managing Director MCR Consulting, Leadership & Transformation coach, Keynote speaker

  • Gerrie Smits

    Digital Strategist & keynote speaker

  • Dirk Verbruggen

    Regional Director CFO Centrum, Sustainability CFO

  • Frans Van Noort

    Co-founder Beeldenfabriek & OMDBranding

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