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How I discovered why 96% of ideas fail, and the 52 secrets to turning them into successes (without a Billion Dollar budget)

  • Secrets of understanding creativity 
    Why do you get your best ideas away from your desk? Learn what is going on inside your brain when you're being creative, and what causes (and prevents) you having great new ideas.

  • Secrets of managing innovation
    Innovation requires team to actually execute on new ideas. But 96% of the time, innovations fail. Learn what it takes for teams to consistently produce successful, profitable innovations.

  • Secrets of leading innovation
    Company leadership and executives usually don't realise that they are preventing their staff from being willing to innovate. Learn what it takes to change a culture which fears change, to a culture where new ideas can thrive.

  • The experts you will learn from are THE world authorities
    They are men and women from across the world, and include neuroscientists, bestselling authors, psychologists, artists, academics and even the editor of the Harvard Business review.

  • Nick Skillicorn

    Host & Renowned expert on the Science of Creativity and Innovation

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