How to Profit Big form Your Failures

  • Why We Are Obsessed with Success Did you know that avoiding failures in your life and business may actually lead to a culture of failure?  This webinar will show you how to confront and transform failure into fuel, so you can thrive in life and your business.​​​​​​​
  • 7 Reasons Failure is Essential to Big Profits in Business
    ​​​​​​​There are 7 primary reasons why failure is essential to huge profits in your coaching, consulting, speaking or any business.  Without understanding these 7 reasons, you may be leaving huge profits on the table.
  • How to Use Your Story to Attract High Paying Customers
    Have you ever gone to a movie and cheered for the underdog to win or the boy to finally get the girl of his dreams?  We all love a great story.  Did you know that your potential clients are more interested in your story of transformation than your mountain high experiences?  I'm going to share how to turn prospects into high-paying clients through the power of your personal story.
  • 7 Real Life Case Studies
    During this training, I will share 7 real-life case studies of those who failed multiple times, yet refused to quit. They were able to harness the power of failure to become some of the biggest names in the world and while some are not well known such as Dr. Shirley Jackson, Otis Boykin, and Lisa Gelobter their inventions have transformed the way we communicate, compute, and travel.
  • A Proven System to Transform Failures into Profits
    Our proven system will transform your personal failures into a powerful money magnet to attract the right high-paying clients and create the lifestyle you desire.  This 7 modules coaching system takes only 7 minutes a day to see real results.
  • Lyman Montgomery

    Webinar Host

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