Disciplined Listening: Influence Under Stress

About The Webinar

As stress levels rise, people focus on their immediate needs, doubt and mistrust creep in, emotions dominate their thought processes as rationality gets suppressed, defenses rise, and new barriers to relationships are erected. Essentially protecting themselves and relieving the stress becomes more important than identifying positive solutions. The most actual test of leadership may be an executive’s ability to successfully navigate this cognitive gauntlet and connect with employees during times of crisis. 

What You Will Learn: This 60-minute webinar is designed to build on the attending executives’ experiences by integrating the core tactics and strategies of the Disciplined Listening Method. After this session, all attending executives will understand how to:

  • Exemplify the motto, “If you’re ok, they’re ok”

  • Enhance the perception of their credibility and direct their employees focus by acting as an ambiguity filter

  • Avoid increasing resistance by accidentally making the conversation or situation appear to be about you

  • Increase employee commitment by framing every message around their employees’ needs and concerns

  • Limit unintended consequences by increasing their situational awareness

  • Lindsey Braciale

    Social Entrepreneur & Disability Disruptor
    CEO at Advocations

  • Michael Reddington, CFI

    Executive Resource & Truth Advocate
    President at InQuasive Inc.

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