6 Mistakes Most Online Tech Courses Make

Joe Eames created technical programming courses grossing millions of dollars, and has created a course, Tech Course Creator, to help others plan and build their own technical courses.

What's inside Tech Course Creator?

In this course, we show you how Joe Eames built his online tech courses into a 7-figure business.  We will be walking you step-by-step through the following:

  • Research-Proven Teaching Strategies
    You'll learn how to couple your programming skills with research-proven teaching strategies to TRULY craft an effective and popular course.

  • Record, Edit, and Produce
    Learn insider tips, tricks, and secrets from industry experts on how to masterfully record, edit, and produce a course from top to bottom.

  • Best Ways to Teach Technical Content
    Master the best ways to teach technical content that goes beyond just sharing your knowledge and skills.  Your students will feel like they can truly apply new skills in the real world and not just for your course only.

  • Step-By-Step Guidance
    We'll give you step-by-step guidance and feedback all along the way as you build your course from top to bottom.  You'll get personalized training customized to your needs.  We also provide peer reviews to ensure that your course is production-ready before it goes live.

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