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Urgent Care Education … Redefined

Learn how to support your team, lower your risk, and onboard new hires like never before!

  • Discover The Latest in Urgent Care Education

    Get an up close and personal "behind the scenes" look at the state-of-the-art learning solutions for Urgent Care in 2022.

  • Meet The Game-Changing Bootcamp Clinicians Love

    It's the top training method for clinicians to learn everything they need to function like a seasoned urgent care pro and confidently navigate urgent care from all angles.

  • Gain The Secret to Maximize Learning in Just Minutes Per Month

    Check out the specialized quiz tool Urgent Care clinicians are using to spark their learning and keep their skills sharp in just a few minutes per month.

  • Take a Peek at the #1 Podcast in Urgent Care

    Designed for clinicians who seek deeper knowledge on a wide range of topics, procedures, and clinical insights from experts in Urgent Care.

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    Webinar Host

  • Vicky Pittman

    Director of Education | PA-C

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