Free Webinar - 10x Your Communication
with George Eapen
(Chief Storytelling Coach@Next Dimension Story)

Master the art & science of storytelling to 10x your communication impact

By learning the Art & Science of storytelling through the FREE webinar, you will have a good overview of the secrets of becoming a powerful communicator by mastering the techniques of storytelling across any stage and profession in life.​

Wednesday, July 14, 6:00 PM EST

About The Webinar

Whether you are a manager, executive, teacher, entrepreneur, candidate looking for a job, or someone who wants to learn to inspire others through your message, you are in the right place to become a successful storyteller by tapping into the art & science of storytelling to boost your impact as a communicator.

Succeed in life by boosting your impact as a communicator with the power of storytelling! Take action and invest in up-skilling the power of your communication today.

  • Start with the deeper WHY to establish a strong foundation

    Craft the WHY and purpose behind your story to establish the true north of your message

  • Learn to drive trust and engagement quickly with your audience

    Uncover the speed of trust equation to drive curiosity, engagement, and trust amongst your audience

  • Tailor your story depending on the channel and platform of engagement

    Learn to adapt the story based on the channel and platform of engagement

  • Learn to integrate characters and other 3D storytelling elements to drive curiosity and engagement

    Use powerful multi-dimensional storytelling ingredients (characters, worlds, voice, perspective) to drive interest and engagement

  • Make tension your friend to foster 10x curiosity and deep engagement with your listeners

    Understand the power of tension to elevate your story

  • Speak with authenticity to enable your audience to relate to you

    Stay true to your voice and perspective to communicate authentically 

  • <<Testimonial from an action taker>>

    It was an absolute privilege to join your 10x Comms Webinar. I found your storytelling techniques and methodologies to be nothing short of masterful. I will be signing up for the video course as a starter and I'm looking forward to learning and refining these newly found communication tools. - Peter H

Webinar Presenters

  • George Eapen

    Webinar Host

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