Learn to Underwrite a Multifamily Deal The Right Way!

Learn To Underwrite Your Multifamily Deal From One Of The Best (And It's Free)!

You don't want to miss this!

If you want to get into the multifamily real estate game, you have to start with underwriting.  Making money in the real estate business is always about the numbers.  Let me make it easy for you.

​​​​​​​In a recent webinar, I shared the exact process we use every single day here at KRI to underwrite our deals.  I didn't leave anything out and I want you to be able to watch the replay for free.  

I hope you enjoy the webinar.

-  Ken

Here's what you will learn in the webinar...

  • The FIVE-STEP process we follow when underwriting deals

    We use this exact same FIVE-STEP process every day when we underwrite deals for our funds.

  • The #1 thing we care about the most

    There is one thing that is far more important than anything else when underwriting a multifamily deal and I will explain what that is.

  • How we quickly size up a deal

    Once you get rolling, you will need a way to quickly determine if a deal makes sense to spend time on.  We will show you how we do it.

  • Ken Gee

    Webinar Host

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