Top 10 Tips for Shooting Timelapse & Hyperlapse

Get to know my top 10 tips for shooting timelapse & hyperlapse shots and let me inspire you to make better films!

What we'll cover in this webinar?

That's 6 years of my experience condensed into 10 most important tips I've worked out throughout my career as a timelapse and hyperlapse photographer.

  • Timelapse Photography

    We will talk about setting up the shot, choosing interval, different types of shots, post production and of course, how to make your timelapse films more entertaining.

  • Hyperlapse Photography

    Hyperlapse is my favourite technique, so it has to be here. I'll teach you how to shoot hyperlapse, what to avoid when shooting, how to choose your path and of course one of the most important parts - how to stabilize the shots.

  • Questions & Answers

    At the end of the webinar I collect the most frequently asked questions people ask me about timelapse and hyperlapse.

  • Tomasz Walczak

    Webinar Host

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