Teaching Strategies for Dyslexia

About The Webinar

As teachers, we spin many plates and our pupils, senior leaders and LEA's all have high expectations of us. It's not always easy to know exactly how to get the best out of our pupils with dyslexia, and sometimes people assume that we should know - when we aren't completely sure! Join this FREE webinar, led by specialist dyslexia teacher and assessor Lizzie Shearing, as she provides you with a refresher on how dyslexia presents itself, as well as hands-on strategies that you can put to use straight away!

  • A refresher on how dyslexia affects pupils, the main behaviours and difficulties you are likely to observe in your classroom or setting are discussed in detail here.

  • Practical, hands on strategies you can use straight away including tick lists of strategies too!  No stone is left unturned, you will be given access to the ticklists via email following the webinar.

  • Real life examples of how you can support dyslexic learners in your lessons to give them the best possible chance of success. 

  • Lizzie Shearing

    Webinar Host Specialist Dyslexia Teacher and Assessor Level 7 APC

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