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Be a Professional Cuddler - The Basics

About The Webinar

* Are you a people person with lots of compassion, kindness and love to share?
* Do you want to help make the world a more affectionate place?
* Can you see yourself providing hugs and platonic touch as part of your career?
Similar in some ways to a massage therapist, professional cuddlers provide clients with caring, platonic touch for a set amount of time – typically an hour. Because cuddling is a new profession, you probably have lots of questions. Cuddle Sanctuary offers this pre-recorded 31-minute webinar to provide you practical information about this unique career.

  • Overview of Cuddle Sessions

    We'll break down three different types of cuddle sessions. You'll also get some tips on establishing consent.

  • What Happens During a Session?

    We'll clarify what a session can be like at the beginning, middle, and end. You'll have a better picture of what it's like to do this work.

  • Your Safety 

    We'll give you four suggestions to help keep you safe.

  • Money

    Can you make a living at this? We'll share the numbers with you!

  • Bonuses and More Education

    We'll tell you how you can get more training if you're feeling inspired. And we've got a bonus for you if you stay 'til the end!

  • Jean Franzblau

    Founder of Cuddle Sanctuary

  • Fei Wyattt

    Founder of CuddleXpo

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