Reduce or Eliminate Taxation in Retirement!

The Trump tax plan made this even better!  You can actually set your retirement portfolio up to reduce or eliminate taxation in retirement.

It starts with knowing the dirty secret on how Social Security is taxed.  

You'll be kicking yourself how easy this is.  The problem is your financial advisor probably isn't a tax expert and your tax advisor probably isn't a finance expert!

Learn everything you need to know now!

  • Dan Casey, Registered Investment Advisor

    Presenting Live to Answer Questions

  • Learn how Social Security is taxed.

    It's taxed differently than every other income.  And knowing how it's taxed is a game changer.

  • Learn the different ways to get tax free income!

    The obvious ways you'll probably know, but I guarantee you there is one way that you've NEVER heard of and this alone is worth your time.

  • One way to set up tax free income even has a side effect of providing tax free money to be used for long term care!

    I can't make this stuff up.  Most that come to my live events had no clue this was even possible.

  • Case study at the end of a client receiving $100,000 in annual income without paying ANY taxes!

    This one, you just have to see to believe.

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