5 Secrets to Convincing Non-Catholics

  • Are you "theologically confident"?
    Do you have a child, relative, friend, or co-worker that questions, mocks or has left the Catholic Faith? Can you answer them confidently and convincingly? If you want to learn how, this webinar is for you.

  • Have you turned people off?
    We mean well but in our attempt "win people for Christ" we sometimes turn them off. I'll describe the 3 common mistakes Catholics make in talking about the Catholic Faith AND I'll show you 3 ways to create friendly conversations about Catholicism.

  • Tools you need for reference

    I'll give you 7 (free) online tools that will help save time and andwer questions about Catholicism. I use these tools daily and I'll share them with you. Click the blue "REGISTER" button below to reserve your spot.

  • Taylor Marshall

    Webinar Host

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