Quickstart: The New Distributor Webinar

What we’ll cover in this event...​​​​​​​

  • Who Spends the Most Money on Promotional Products?
    Discover exactly which industries to target.

  • The 4 Methods of Targeting Promotional Products Clients
    Many distributors focus on just one targeting method, leaving lots of potential sales on the table.

  • The Diagnostic Approach to Promotional Products Sales
    If you're leading with product, you're doing it backward.

  • Open Q & A
    Bring your questions and get a personal answer to each one.

  • ...and much more!

  • David Blaise

    David Blaise is an entrepreneur, author and business consultant who has conducted professional development events at nearly every major industry tradeshow since 2001. He is co-founder of and has been involved in the promotional products industry since 1988 as a sales representative, sales manager, business owner, sales trainer and coach.

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