Top 3 Mistakes To Avoid When Becoming a JavaScript Developer

What we'll cover in this event 👇 ...

  • Top 3 mistakes to avoid when becoming a JavaScript Developer

    I'll be sharing the 3 biggest mistakes most developers make when they are starting out, and how to avoid them to become a succesful JavaScript Developer.

  • Course Overview (Profit with JavaScript)
    I'll be explaining in detail what my course Profit with JavaScript will look like and what will be included. 

  • Special Discount at the End 
    For those who find the webinar valuable and would like to learn more, I have a special offer at the end of the webinar. 

  • Live Chat Support
    This webinar is pre-recorded, but we are LIVE in the chat to answer questions. If we miss you, please shoot us an email at [email protected]

  • Rafeh Qazi

    Training Host

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