The Elusive Zone For Clay Shooters

What It Is, How To Access It, And How To Use It
To Perform Your Best Consistently And Keep Getting Better
(even if you’ve struggled with focusing well in competition!)

Enjoy Performing & Get Consistent Results Without Ever Losing Focus

Wouldn't It Be Nice...

  • To consistently feel that you are performing to the best of your abilities!

  • To perform as well in competition as you do in practice!

  • To stop feeling stressed and frustrated at events!

  • To feel good about the time and money you've spent practicing and competing!

  • To comfortably and efficiently move on from a miss!

  • To maintain the lead and keep a streak going!

  • To have mental mastery and a strong mental game!

  • To actually, genuinely have fun competing again!!

  • Dawn Grant

    I am a Mental Trainer & Hypnotist. Since 1994, I have been professionally helping people to overcome life’s challenges, enabling them to achieve their goals, and obtain personal fulfillment.

    My work has drawn clients globally, including mainstream & elite athletes. Many that are World Champions, Hall of Famers, Team USA & Olympians in Golf, Clay Shooting & Surfing; 25+ PGA TOUR Pros (averaging 219% increase in earnings), and 1000's of Competing Clay Shooters.

    In 2008, I helped PGA TOUR Pro Vijay Singh with a mental shift that contributed to his 2 FedEx Cup Playoff wins and his earning of the 2008 FedEx Cup Championship.

    Starting in 2010, I have been regularly working with Clay Shooting Greats on the PSCA, TEAM USA, NSCA Team, and now own Amelia Shotgun Sports in Yulee Florida.

    I can help you too.

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