Empowered Parenting

I'm so excited you're about to join me! Register below and see how a few shifts can help you best support your kiddos and parenting goals.

“The energy and excitement that Ashley brought was more fun and engaging than any other webinar I’ve attended" -Lucy (attended the first launch)

If you are ready to start trusting your parenting skills while responding in a way that supports your children, then you are in the right place!

I want you to stop feeling unsure if you are showing up in the right way with your kids and star
t relying on your own tool box and intuition. So that way you’re able to confidently navigate the day to day with your kiddos and actually enjoy it! I promise it possible.

If you would like a comprehensive step by step plan to illuminate change fast, then register for this live webinar today.

"Checking in with myself was something I never did before. I am now better able to walk through the steps described in this webinar to guide my parenting choices. I really feel more aligned with my values and parent in a way that support them! By far jam pa
cked with helpful information." -Sarah (previous attendee)

  • Top 4 ways to approach any parenting challenge: You will learn exactly how to navigate any struggle with ease.

  • Why you need to stop relying on Google: The more effiecient approach to tackling novel behavioral concerns your children are facing. Its time to start relying on your intuition and skills as the expert.

  • Two biggest hold ups to becoming the strong leader within your home:  The most common mistakes that parents make on the road to a strong family dynamic and exactly how to avoid them!

  • Learn from a pro:  With the combined knowledge working with families as a licensed therapist and accredited parenting coach, I've developed a shame free and real approach as a mother myself. Taking researched based info, and making it palatable so you can impliment the strategies and mindset today!

  • Ashley Ayala, LMFT

    Webinar Host

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